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1.  Zit  Tania Henetz, Grade 7, CA
"""If you've got it, flaunt it!"" But who'd flaunt a giant zit."
Genre  Short Story   Topic  Humor, School, Coming of Age, Identity   
2.  The Fat Man and Me  Keleigh Friedrich, Grade 9, CA
Dinner with Mom's latest disaster!
Genre  Short Story   Topic  Family, Parents, Teen, Coming of Age, Conflict   
3.  Moment in the Headlights  Ryan Conroy, Grade 11, KY
It's the biggest adventure in a little kid's life!
Genre  Short Story   Topic  School, Adventure, Family, Driving   
4.  Happy to Be Home  Rachel Brokaw, Grade 8, KY
"All happy families are alike, wrote Leo Tolstoy. Obviously, he hadn't met hers..."
Genre  Short Story   Topic  Family, Identity, Humor, Home, Abuse   
5.  The Great Egg-Heist  Mark Wenham, Grade 10, MA
Cat Burglary 101.
Genre  Short Story   Topic  Crime, Childhood, Adventure, Animals, Humor   
6.  Patella (Alias the Kneecap)  Joe Hasley, Grade 9, IA
The leg bone's connected to the funny bone . . .
Genre  Short Story   Topic  School, Courage, Homework, Competition   
7.  Memoirs of a 13-Year-Old  Willie Turnage, Grade 9, TX
He followed his dream--to its amazing conclusion.
Genre  Humor   Topic  Childhood, Mischief, Family, Conflict, Childhood   
8.  My First Word  Steve Smith, Grade 9, VA
Genre  Humor   Topic  Childhood, Mischief, Family, Memories