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1.  I Am Kwakkoli  Bisco Hill, Grade 7, Boulder, CO
It would be his tribal name, connecting him to generations of ancestors.
Genre  Essay   Topic  Native American, Family, Cultures/Traditions, Farms/Rural Life, Identity   
2.  Words for My Sister  Anjuli Dhindhwal, Grade 11, NJ
"'Be strong, love yourself.'"
Genre  Poem   Topic  Identity, Coming of Age, Fitting In, Friendship, Love   
3.  Kitchen Women  Ashley Nelson, Grade 12, IL
Where is a woman's place?
Genre  Short Story   Topic  Family, Identity, Food, Feminism   
4.  School as a Theme Song  Juliette Woronov, Grade 11, FL
Marching to the tune of an institutional drummer.
Genre  Poem   Topic  School, Identity, Music, Conflict   
5.  A Child in Limbo: An Allegory  Colleen Cooper, Grade 10, NH
Genre  Short Story   Topic  Identity, Coming of Age, Dreams/Imagination, Childhood   
6.  What Is Fire?  Alvin Carter, Grade 8, MI
Genre  Personal Narrative   Topic  Identity, Anger, Fire   
7.  Your Desired Path  Gabrielle Benadi, Grade 11, NY
Genre  Poem   Topic  Identity, Body Image, Betrayal   
8.  Happy to Be Home  Rachel Brokaw, Grade 8, KY
"All happy families are alike, wrote Leo Tolstoy. Obviously, he hadn't met hers..."
Genre  Short Story   Topic  Family, Identity, Humor, Home, Abuse   
9.  Fear of Bears  Aaron Edwards, Grade 12, ME
As we grow, so do our fears.
Genre  Poem   Topic  Childhood, Identity, Coming of Age   
10.  As I Gaze Upon My Father  Maren Stuart, Grade 8, FL
Genre  Poem   Topic  Family, Identity, Love   
11.  We Hang Silently in a Floor Full of Laughter  Nahanni Rous, Grade 9, NH
Genre  Poem   Topic  Dance, Identity   
12.  I Used to Be a Gymnast  Ester Bloom, Grade 10, MD
"White, smooth and solid--an emaciated ideal."
Genre  Poem   Topic  Eating Disorders, Body Image, Identity   
13.  My Fourteenth Summer  Denise Bickel, Grade 9, NJ
Genre  Poem   Topic  Coming of Age, Search for Meaning, Identity, Teen